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When designing your Memorial there are many colors to choose from. If you are not trying to match another monument and there are no cemetery regulations regarding the headstone color then you will just pick the color you like best. But remember if you are selecting an etched portrait or are having a design scene put on the monument you will want to choose one of the darker black granite colors. They provide the best contrast and make the etchings really stand out.

  Galaxy Black

This granite has the look of  rich black silk with a twinkle of tiny silver stars and flecks of gold passing through. It provides great contrast for etching or carving. Galaxy Black is one of our companies most popular premium granite choices. Creates a truly elegant memorial. 
   Cherokee White

A soft white with smooth wisps of light grey. This combination creates a marble effect with the strength of granite. Displays a brilliant contrast when paired with a black litho design.
   Cat's Eye

This granite starts with a rich reddish black base that is textured with  oval formations that creates the appearance of a "cat's eyes". Paired with a white litho design this granite becomes a beautiful memorial that will last for centuries.  

A warm tanish/gray base provides the canvas for this uniquely colored granite. With bold shades of reds and blues filtering  through it is  sure to bring out the artistic eye of someone wanting to create a memorial like no other.
   Jet Black

There is no better black granite for an intricate laser etching than our Jet Black. Jet Black is the premier granite color that has the shine that will simply take your breath away. When this granite is steeled it provides a vivid light gray contrast.
 Georgia Gray

One of the most cost effective granites  quarried in the United States. A darker gray that reflects a blueish tone in the sunlight. The fine grain of this granite makes it a perfect option for lettering, sandblasting, or carving. Apply bronze for grave markers.
 Bahama Blue

Waves of ocean blue swirl with mists of a darker blue and red tones through this variegated granite.  A beautiful and unique color. A very versatile granite that works really well with all monuments, benches, cremation niches and vases.

 Imperial mahogany
Tightly grained flecks offer a refined elegance in this beautifully bold granite. Use Imperial mahogany to creat a grand memorial that it is highly resistant to moisture and stains.   
 Midnight Sky Gray

Zanesville Monument companies darkest gray granite. It's like white clouds against a midnight sky, Dark Gray combines both dark and light undertones, resulting in a unique and hardy color of granite.
 India Red

One of our most robust
earth toned granite colors. Great for carving and shaping memorials.This color really stands out. 
 Imperial Green

Like a stroll through a forest of rich greens and earthy tans. Great for memorials and benches.  
    Imperial Pink

A Pinkish-Red field  of 
granite sprinkled with black and white diamond flecks. This fine grained granite makes a wonderful choice for a simple slant marker, an upright  or an intricate carving of Angels or Flowers. When steeled it produces a lovely soft pink hue.

Important Information:
Cemeteries often have rules and regulations that govern what type of memorial that you can get. Purchasing your cemetery site prior to designing a memorial can limit your memorial options.  Monument companies have a complete list of cemetery regulations and can guide you accordingly

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